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What is hypermiling?

Hypermiling is a driving practice whereby gas mileage is maximized through adjustments in fuel consumption and driving techniques.  The term was coined by Wayne Gerdes, a nuclear plant operator from Illinois.  The aim is not so much to get good mileage but to really push the gas tanks to the limits. Oxford Dictionary also has a term for those who practice it : hypermilers.

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What brought about hypermiling?

Because it can be done in any type of vehicle, hypermiling arose as a result of the continuous rise in gasoline prices since the early 2000s. Of course, there are the other issues of environmental pollution, and global warming that brought about the challenge to find ways that motorists can minimize their carbon footprint. Especially in the US where cars traditionally have lower fuel efficiency, the practice caught on pretty quickly and spread around to other parts of the world. What are some of the techniques done by hypermilers?

Extreme Mileage Tricks

There are different ways by which hypermiling is practiced. Some of the smarter, more practical ways include the following:

  1. Running the car without air conditioning or any of the electrical equipment in the car such as the radio.
  2. Removing all the excess and unnecessary weight from the car
  3. Keeping track of the gas mileage
  4. Keeping the engine in good running condition and going for regular periodic maintenance checks
  5. Studying traffic and weather conditions 
  6. Tweaking driving practices to avoid quick acceleration and never exceeding the speed limit
Are there unethical ways to practice hypermiling?

Some people go to the extreme in achieving maximum fuel mileage, they resort to irresponsible and sometimes what can be deemed as  illegal measures. These include:

  • Racing traffic lights
  • Speeding around turns to maintain speed
  • Tailgating other vehicles, especially large trucks
  • Coasting with the engine off
  • Overinflating tires

Sometimes doing these things can be dangerous and hypermilers might forego safety just so they can save on the gasoline.  But remember that lives are priceless and are not worth risking just for a few pennies or dollars.

How can you start to improve gas mileage with hypermiling?

It’s pretty simple and the changes do not need to happen or be done overnight.  First you need to determine how many miles your car or truck gets per gallon – this should be listed in the car owner’s manual.  When you have this information then you can plan how many miles you plan to drive, and how much you want to pay per gallon. Then with this numbers, you can devise ways by which you can achieve your goal.

What are some recommended cars for hypermiling?

Hybrid car models are logically more suitable for hypermiling than the regular vehicles. Hypermilers typically recommend cars like the Toyota Prius or the Honda Civic Hybrid.  When you are buying or thinking of buying a car, but do not have the budget for a hybrid vehicle, shop around for the model and vehicle that has the best mileage in its category.

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